Danielle Goldsmith

I am interested in re-ordering the temporal metrics of everyday life. What do we believe is worth our time? What else could I be doing? These questions preoccupy me as I struggle to produce artwork under the pressure of the clock. In such a fast-paced society, it feels as though time’s value is measured by how efficiently production can be sped up yet little to no time is spent slowing down.

The use of overlapping circles resists the constant push for greater efficiency. There is an impossible urge to hold on to something no matter how susceptible it may be. Rather than focusing purely on the given tendencies of the product, I impose a disciplined ritual of shaping the material. In so doing, I privilege the process of composition above than the completion of the work. This act of making a standard form suspends time's passage; the maker is not conscious of the beginning or end of the compositional process in relation to the work as a whole. Just like breathing, the process feels meditative and natural.