Danielle Goldsmith
Turning a New Leaf: Sukkot Project
Students will work on their perspective and play with the idea of the foreground and background.

We begin the lesson by going inside the Sukkah at the Brandeis Bardin Institute of the American Jewish University. We then look up through the opening of the Sukkot and saw the design of the sky through the leaves. We then discuss how roof must be of organic material, known as s'chach. We created composition using fallen leaves, the very same natural element found on the roof of a Sukkah.
Students were able to combine and layer painting and printing techniques using fall leaves as the subject. Students chose an analogous color scheme to use for their piece (analogous colors are adjacent to one another on the color wheel, like yellows, greens and blues). The main goal of the project was to create a balanced composition, taking into account leaf shape and size, and placement of the leaves and colors.
Students learned 2 different techniques; rubbings and leaf- mask stenciling by using water color as the contrasting outline. At the end, students were able to play with the foreground and the background working with a push pull composition.