Danielle Goldsmith
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Edible Art!
Art has a funny way of disclosing secrets and specifics in a basic and objective way. For the first ten months of my Parsons MFA career, I was eager to satisfy my teachers and fellow peers by trying to live up to something that was just not there yet. Much of the work that surrounds me in my studio is what I would consider out of body and work made out of fear. Rather than experiencing the fear and working through it to have my original idea come to light, I veer to the other side out of doubt. Now I am standing in this path looking at the skid-mark where I usually sharply turn and am asking myself, “Why do I choose not to taste the fear?” Writing has been a struggle for me my entire life. While trying to embrace this fear, I have been making deconstructive pieces of edible structures (cakes mostly), writing on them timeless and classic quotes and have been generously serving these sweets to my fellow peers. My use of food in my artwork has to do with the idea of people both literally and figuratively consuming the piece. The edible pieces that incorporate text allow people to literally eat their words. The use of timeless quotes, some ancient proverbs, some biblical, are to note that these ideas are not complete, not final and not set in stone, perhaps to wet someone's appetite. While some use canvas and paint, I use flour and water.